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Hybrid systems.

Although the production of hybrid acoustic speakers is not new, it is known that this type of speaker presents difficulties in obtaining a homogeneous sound due to the different emission speeds of planar speakers and traditional cone speakers. Thanks to years of research and determination in the creation of numerous prototypes, the solution proposed by Marco Serri stands out notably for the exceptional results achieved with excellent milestones in the production of natural sound characterized by a wide and thick soundstage, enriched by saturated instrumental tones and timbres that create a "presence effect." Sensations that are difficult to describe in words. For the mid-high range, magnetoplanar technology is used, while for the low range, cone technology is employed.

The technology you need to listen. 

The woofers used by Marco Serri Design feature composite membranes with appropriate diameter and thickness, controlled in their movements by high-power magnetic groups capable of producing micro and macro dynamics with lightning-fast excursions, to achieve impressive sound pressure levels. Despite the generous dimensions of some particular designs, their lightning-fast piston movement generates extension in the deep bass range, coherently integrating with the speed of the dipole magnetoplanar speakers used for the upper ranges.

Once the goal of effectively integrating the extreme low frequency range with the speed and transparency of the dipole mid-to-high range was achieved, Marco Serri also largely solved the problem of the poor efficiency of planar speakers, profoundly modifying them through the use of special membranes and replacing standard magnets with some of the most powerful ones, the N52. This significantly increased the efficiency of the mid-to-high frequency range.

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