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Our History.

Where everything begins.

The story of Marco Serri begins in the land of engines, in the garage of a town in the province of Modena, Guiglia.

As a very young man, Marco was influenced by the atmosphere of research and experimentation typical of his homeland, being struck by the world of electronics and deciding to devote himself to his first constructions for amateur radio.

Subsequently, Marco commits himself to the production of acoustic speakers and valve electronics, and his garage becomes a workshop, a laboratory, where for 25 years he deepens, studies, and experiments with every type of electronic circuitry and modifies and elaborates all types of speakers, learning in the field the secrets of each component and the necessary techniques to elevate their performance, experimenting with the best solutions and the best materials for his creations.


Marco Serri today.

He is an artisan who builds high-end equipment with surprising performance using the best components with the goal of achieving the maximum naturalness of sound. "Marco Serri doesn't just create Hi-end products, each of his pieces can be compared to a work of art. Every step is designed and taken care of by Marco, from the design to the final product. Marco Serri is not just an artisan, he is a sculptor of sound."

The construction philosophy of Marco Serri Design.

The design philosophy of Marco Serri Design begins with careful planning and continues with research for the best components and materials available in the market, a meticulous study of each single detail, deepened and perfected over years spent searching for the best component synergies.

The construction principle of Marco Serri Design is based on essentiality, because essentiality is what constitutes the vitality of sound. The mission is to provide the listener with an experience as intense and close as possible to that of live music listening, and to achieve this, everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, from the project to the components to the form.

Marco Serri Design brings together the best of Italian craftsmanship, from engineering creativity to fine manual execution. Anodization, PCBs, aluminum frames, and fronts are processed using CNC machines. The procedures and techniques for painting their acoustic speakers come from experience acquired in the painting departments of nearby prestigious automotive companies, allowing them to achieve incomparable results compared to industrialized finishes.

Each created product is therefore a unique piece, shaped by the vision of a person who has made the search for sound perfection their raison d'être. Each speaker is passion, research, and technique in their maximum expression.

Marco Serri Design is an experience that every enthusiast should treat themselves to. Sculptures made for true sound connoisseurs.

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