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With its 5-way design, Marco aimed to capitalize on the multiple experiences gained through two decades of experimentation, creating an uncompromising speaker. His ultimate goal was to specialize each individual pathway, utilizing only the best aspects of each speaker driver and seamlessly integrating them together, evoking a sound reminiscent of the most sophisticated "Full Range" systems. The speaker's driver phases remain unchanged, ensuring dynamic extension at both ends of the frequency range and producing a lifelike music scene. It guarantees powerful sound pressure without any compression, hardness, or listener fatigue.


Technical Specifications

All of this has been made possible by utilizing a hybrid speaker design that incorporates a specialized 42 cm custom driver tuned to 16 Hz for the low-frequency range. It is paired with a properly cross-matched 38 cm woofer, both housed in separate chambers and volumes within the same cabinet to ensure maximum extension, articulation, and the necessary punch to reproduce every single tone of the lowest frequencies without delay, ranging from large orchestral percussion to the lowest octave of organ pedals.

From 250 Hz and above, the speakers will be used as dipoles. They will be coupled with an array of four 16.5 cm cone mid-woofers from Res Audio, with a high cut-off frequency at 600 Hz.

No crossover frequency cuts will be employed from 600 Hz up to 20,000 Hz, and four planar magnetic speakers will be used for the mid-high range to guarantee absolute coherence and transparency of sound in the most sensitive area to the human ear, even at extreme volumes. This solution ensures remarkable linearity in this frequency range, allowing the amplifiers to drive the speakers effortlessly.

An optional ribbon super tweeter completes the ultra-high range.

The speaker is constructed with reinforced synthetic resin, ensuring solidity and power.

The crossover is housed in a separate and decoupled frame, equipped with external controls for adjustments to various environmental conditions.

To ensure full enjoyment of the reproduced music, the refined aesthetic finish is complemented by a special artisanal hand-painted coating.

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