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Venezia 0.7

As is known, dipole emission speakers guarantee very high-level sound performance, with a natural, relaxed, transparent, correct timbre and a wide and airy soundstage. However, it is equally known that dipole emission has limitations in reproducing low frequencies.

To overcome this problem, MSD has created the "Hybrid" line of speakers that uses a combination of dipole emission and bass reproduction using cone speakers (woofers) in reflex enclosure. This allows for excellent sound performance in both high and low frequencies.

Screenshot 2023-04-07 alle 20.13_edited.jpg

Technical Specifications

The hybrid sound reproduction system presents a fundamental challenge: to seamlessly and harmoniously unite two different types of speakers. Many manufacturers have encountered difficulties in this aspect, but after years of research and experimentation, MSD has succeeded in having dedicated cone speakers (woofers) made to reproduce the low frequency range.

These speakers, characterized by compact size and low weight, are equipped with high-power magnets and special membranes that skillfully integrate the two emissions. In this way, the goal of harmoniously connecting the critical junction point between the deep and energetic low frequency range and the speed and transparency of the mid-high frequency range has been achieved, "magically" eliminating the gap between the two types of speakers.

The "VENEZIA" hybrid speaker line consists of three models that differ in the number of speakers used, size and weight, as well as the number of ways (3-way for the Venezia 0.5, 4-way for the Venezia 0.7 and Venezia 1.0).

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