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The preamplifier is a Dual Mono valve equipment, with a Single Ended configuration, that does not use feedback. Its active circuitry employs a single selected valve per channel, the E810F.

The rectification function is entrusted to a high-quality valve, the AZ50, which works in common for both the left and right channels, to preserve the purity and typical characteristics of valve circuitry throughout the signal path.

For filtering, 4 impressive NOS capacitors in paper and oil have been selected, and for the negative grid supplies, triple Pi filters have been employed. The internal connection between components has been made point-to-point, using appropriately shielded silver cables.


Technical Specifications

Five separate high-quality transformers have been adopted for the power supplies, with meticulous attention to every detail:

  • A dedicated transformer for the anode power supply.

  • A dedicated transformer for the signal valve filaments' power supply.

  • A dedicated transformer for the rectifier valve power supply.

  • A dedicated transformer for the negative grid supplies.

  • A transformer for common services (volume control system power supply, etc.).

The audio signal control is entrusted to the most advanced potentiometer produced by Kozmo, featuring 24K gold-plated AMTRANS resistors switching for each channel. This remote-controlled potentiometer offers 64 volume steps, ensuring coupling with only one high-quality resistor on the output signal and one resistor on the ground path for each step.

The output component is complemented by high-quality transformers made to our specifications by Euterpe, designed to be configurable (8 Ohm/32 Ohm) via accessible connectors on the rear panel, offering various interfacing options with power amplifiers.

Everything is housed in a special chassis built on a base platform with a copper and wood sandwich, featuring a 2 cm thick aluminum front panel and a top cover made of carbon fiber and resin with calibrated perforations to showcase the paper and oil capacitors, along with the signal valves and the rectifier valve. A large semi-transparent acrylic window on the cover allows glimpses of the numerous power transformers and part of the circuitry.

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